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Huntington Beach Community Garden

The mission of the Huntington Beach Community Garden is to educate children and adults about organic gardening, and to provide an area where residents can grow fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs for their own use and for local food banks .

Reminder – HBCG Anniversary Celebration!

Wednesday March 20th 6:30pm at Lake Park Clubhouse

Join us as we celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of the GRAND OPENING of the Huntington Beach Community Garden!  Enjoy food and refreshments as we provide a special program of education, prizes and fun!   Visit with your garden friends and meet our newest members!  

Program Agenda

6:30pm – Meet, greet and eat

7:00pm – Educational topics

  • · Trellis lashing techniques— Girl Scout Grace Ellison
  • · Tomato Talk  – UCCE Master Gardener Tom Farrell

President’s Message

              For those who know which garden is mine, you may have noticed that I sometimes wait too long to pick my produce and it grows past its prime.  I don’t get to the garden as often as I would like, especially during the winter growing season.  If you’ve worried that my good broccoli is going to waste, I’ve got good news for you!  I am now the proud owner of a juicing machine and have learned that I can still enjoy the good nourishment of my blooming broccoli, even when it no longer holds up to my standards for a dinner table side-dish!  Juicing has opened up my eyes to new ways to enjoy my vegetables!   Drink up!

                                                                              Happy Gardening!

                                                                              Annette  Parsons

Life happens, and we all have times when we miss the prime opportunity to harvest our gardens.  If you find yourself unable to harvest, please remember that HBCG‘s Harvest Brigade can help!  Don’t let your pro­duce go to waste, or worse yet—rot and become infest­ed with pests and disease.  Give us a call!  We can har­vest for you and donate your excess produce to those in need.  If you have more than you and your family can enjoy, you can also place your excess produce into the collection bin in the storage container. 

We’ll be resuming our food distribution program soon!

Have you seen our NEW Website?!?

HBCG is grateful for the hard work and creative talents of volunteers Robert Granger (A13), Kathy Gordon (A18), and Carlina Thomas (A11) in redesigning the HBCG website!  Thanks to their effort, HBCG is now able to present news and information to the public with an updated professional image that is compatible on many mobile devices.   Members are invited to post photos, tips and garden experiences for all to enjoy!

Visit our new website now!  www.HuntingtonBeachCommunityGarden.com

Be our Friend on Facebook!

HBCG has expanded it use of Facebook as a way to communicate with its members and to keep you informed of special events and happenings at the garden.  When you receive an ‘Friend Request’ invitation from HBCG, please accept it and be our Friend on Facebook!

Thanks to those who came out to HBCG’s first work party of the year!   The soil was soft from the recent rain and the weeds came out willingly!  HBCG will be sending a Gift Certificate to Plant World as a ‘thank you’ to five volun­teers randomly selected:  Bruce Dodd, Sherylin McClintock, Kathy Hansen, Jill Stearns and Kevin Wayne.   These volunteers were also at the work party and should be acknowledged:  Scott Edwards, Dianne Booth, Dolly Bodine, Marquille Randall, Annette Parsons, Mike DeMic­co, Rod Rasmussen, Joanne Rasmussen, Valerie Spingola, Chuck Nichols, Kyle Hancock and Bill Clow.

Don’t forget to log your hours:   You, too, may be select­ed to win a Gift Certificate!

Do you want to share a garden plot?

Thanks to the recent notice in The Sands, HBCG will soon be filled to capacity, with a wait list for gardeners wanting a garden plot.  Have you considered partnering with an­other to share your plot?  It can be a win-win situation for those who find 300 square feet a bit overwhelming to maintain, and for those wanting to get growing!  Please contact HBCG if you would be interested in sharing your plot, or if you are on the wait list and would like to share a plot with another.  E-mail us at HBCommunityGarden@Gmail.com

Daisies in the Garden

Beth Kimble’s Daisy troop visited the garden recently for a ‘daisy journey—to make the world a better place’.  They visited our demonstration gar­den and experienced how vegetables look and feel—and taste—before they get to the table!  They planted seeds and took them home for their own gardens.  A dozen smiling faces made the world a better place, at least in our garden, that wonderful afternoon!


HBCG Event Calendar

April 17                         Educational session.

May 15                          Annual Meeting and Board election

June 19                         Educational session

September 18             Harvest Festival

October 16                   Educational session. 

December 18                Holiday Party

Bulk Composted Amendment Now Available at HBCG

The Huntington Beach Community Garden is pleased to make available to its members a high quality organic compost material for the low cost of $5 per wheelbarrow! This is a 3/8″ humus compost that has been aged approximately eight years to give it a high con­centration of nutrients and micro-organisms. This product meets EPA requirements per certification provided by the supplier, Green Wise Soil Technologies. This amendment is available while supplies last. To order yours, click on the link below and fill out the form.   Mail your check to HBCG, PO Box 5891, Huntington Beach CA 92615. You may also pay by PayPal via our website: www.HuntingtonBeachCommunityGarden.com. If you have any ques­tions, e-mail HBCommunityGarden@gmail.com

Order form:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dFZYcUNXYjV0cEM1SkcxVjdrN0NCQ2c6MA

Orders being taken for Bu’s Blend

If you haven’t heard of Bu’s Blend, be sure to attend the April HBCG Member Meeting for a presentation by Malibu Composting!

HBCG is taking orders for Bu’s Blend from Malibu Composting at our cost of $13 a bag

If you’ve heard of ‘Bu’s Blend’, you know that it is a top quali­ty ‘biodynamic’ soil amendment offered by Malibu Compost.  It’s sold for $23 a bag at Rogers’ Gardens, the only local nursery that carries the product. 

Our minimum order at this discounted price is 50 bags.  Please order yours now.  If the minimum order is not re­ceived, your payment will be returned.

Order form:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dFVKMkVSYVJvczVYRWlRbF9nOHBfblE6MA

Send your news items, recipes and pictures or suggestions to HBCommunityGarden@gmail.com, or post them to our Facebook page! 

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