These guidelines were established to provide for the safety and access by SCE personnel to transmission lines. HBCG must comply with these guidelines under condition of land use agreements with the City of Huntington Beach and SCE.  Thank you for your cooperation – HBCG


  • Soil within the plot borders must be uniform and level.
  • Raised or interior border boards are not allowed within the plots.
  • Flexible non-metallic edging may be used to separate garden pathways so long as pathways and soil are uniform and level.
  • Stepping stones must be installed at grade level.
  • Exterior plot borders must not be altered. No unauthorized border materials, bricks or pavers allowed.
TRELLIS GUIDELINES –  These materials may be used for trellis construction:
  • Wooden stakes – no greater than 1” x 1”
  • Bamboo poles – no greater than 1” diameter
  • PVC pipe – no greater than 1” diameter
  • Ready-made tomato cages must be made of plastic
  • Ready-made trellises must be made of approved materials


  • Fence height may not exceed 24” from the top of the border boards.
  • Fences are to be constructed of plastic mesh or PVC lattice.
  • It is suggested to use standard grading stakes for fence stakes
  • Stakes may not exceed 2½” wide
  • No metal fencing material allowed
  • HBCG is an organic garden
  • Packaged soil amendments must be labeled as‘organic’ and/or must not list any synthetic ingredients.
  • Wood chips and hay are deemed to be flammable and not suitable amendment materials
  • Bulk amendments may not be brought on site without prior approval and authorization.
  • Decorative items such as nick-knacks, flags and banners are not allowed.
  • Pinwheels for bird deterrent purposes are allowed but must be no higher than 4’


Huntington Beach Community Garden

Gardener Orientation Checklist

Garden Entry and Exit

  • Garden hours are sunrise to sunset; no earlier than 7am or later than 7pm; 8am on Sundays.
  • The garden is closed on all federal holiday observances.
  • Garden access is for registered gardeners and authorized personnel only.
  • The first gardener on site will need to turn on the water at the main.
  • The last gardener to leave at closing time is responsible for turning the water off at the main, and for locking up the storage container and trash bin.
  • When leaving the garden at closing time, give a courtesy reminder to the last gardener on site of their lock up responsibilities.

General Information

  • Vehicle access to the garden is not permitted.
  • Parking near the garden entrance is permitted for disabled parking and for the temporary loading and unloading of materials only.
  • Power tools are permitted during scheduled work parties only.
  • Use of power tools at other times requires minimum 1 week prior notification and approval.
  • No dogs are allowed in the garden – even on a leash
  • Do not give the gate combination to unregistered gardeners.
  • Community tools and hoses are for all to use and share.
  • Be considerate of others’ needs and return after use.
  • Lock up the shed when you’re finished using tools.
  • Keep surrounding common areas clear of weeds and debris.
  • Place excess harvest in the container for donation to local charities.
  • Take your trash home with you whenever possible.
  • In case of a plumbing emergency, shut off water to the garden area impacted and at the main shut-off valves and call HBCG Leadership.

Emergency Contacts

Medical or Safety Emergencies – Dial 911

Huntington Police Department – 714-536-5333


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