HBCG Celebrates 2 Bountiful Years!


Over 2,000 pounds later (of donated crops that is) the HBCG celebrates its 3rd anniversary as an organization, and its 2nd anniversary as a garden, this month, March of 2013.  A time to give thanks to the City of Huntington Beach and Southern California Edison for their generous ongoing support in making hundreds of Surf City residents’ dreams come true, once again.

Thanks to the passionate HBCG Board of Directors, Committee Chairpersons and tireless dedicated volunteers. the Huntington Beach Community Garden at the eastern end of Atlanta (off Brookhurst), is a shining organic community garden success story and a beacon of community spirit for the City of Huntington Beach and its residents.

Thank you for your continued support and being the most important part of HBCG!

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