Plot Application Procedures

Plots are assigned to HBCG members on a first-come, first-served basis and are only available to Huntington Beach residents.

To get on the wait list for a plot, you must first become a member of the garden.  The process of becoming a member can be found on the “Become a Member” tab listed under “Membership,” above.   You will be notified when plots are available.

Once you have been notified of an available plot, we then REQUIRE you read the rules and regulations, bylaws, and fill out garden plot application.

Below are links to the required documents:

Complete the garden plot application and return it along with your check for $250 for full plots and $195 for half plots. Please make your check payable to Huntington Beach Community Garden.

  • $150 – Plot rental fee for 15’x20′ plot, good through December 31st  ($75 for 1/2 size plot)
  • $100 – Deposit to be refunded when plot has been returned clean and clear

A Garden Plot Application must be on file for any individual or family sharing your plot, and they must also be members of HBCG.

Submit Application and Check by Mail

Huntington Beach Community Garden
PO Box 5891
Huntington Beach, CA  92615

Submit by Application by Email & Pay via Paypal 

  1. Send application by email to (will open in a new tab)
  2. Pay via Paypal below or send your check with the application.

Plot Payment Options

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