Winter in the Garden


It’s fall and the HBCG gardeners are busy managing pests, raising winter crops and eagerly planning their spring and summer planting schedules.

Winter crops are the most nutrient dense plants. And are they delicious! Our weather is perfect for growing a variety of cool weather crops.

If you use your plot only in the spring and summer, preparing now is essential for a bountiful future harvest. Ideally, you cleared all the warm season annuals, and all produce. This will reduce the opportunities for visits from critters and diseases.

Encourage your neighbor to clear their plot, too, as critters and diseases do not understand plot boundaries very well!

Fall and Winter are the time to apply your organic amendments, as it takes several months for them to break down and incorporate into your soil.

How much do you need? Your soil level is limited to the height of the outside borders. Add as much organic amendments as you like, within the limitation of the border.

Remember to check the Plot Construction Guidelines if you feel your plan is questionable in any way.

Thank you for being the most important part of the Huntington Beach Community Garden, and we look forward to seeing your bumper crop!

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